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Thread: Oh Yea, We Sell Stuff Also!

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    Lightbulb Oh Yea, We Sell Stuff Also!

    Silly me. I am new to the internet marketing "thing". Even with the work involved, I enjoy it very much. In my naivete, I thought I could just build a blog and "they would come". You know, just write a few articles and the masses would be knocking your door down.

    Through this forum I am learning things like "call to action" and making offers to readers. The element of salesmanship was beyond my initial understanding.

    I so look forward to learning all the different ways to ethically invite our readers to make purchases. Learning the art of closing a sale or making a sales pitch will be interesting.

    To all new comers like myself; "Oh Yea, we sell stuff also"!

    Take good care and learn with me, this is a Great place for that!

    Chris Norman

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    LOL - I enjoyed your post

    See: How to write a product review as a start.

    The great thing about blogs is being able to be conversational and promotional at the same time. This recent post of mine stands as a good example:
    Lynn Terry
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    Hey Chris, don't feel like the Lone Ranger. There are lots of us who are in some stage of this same learning process.

    You mean they don't come just cause you posted???

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    Hey Chris - I loved your post! When I paid $1500 to have my first website built for me in 2002 - that was when I realized that, sure I had a beautiful website --- but no-one was going there, unless I sent them there.

    So started my long and arduous journey into really learning about Internet Marketing and Blogging- it's been fun, and especially in the last 4 years when I found people I could trust and learn from, like Lynn's group here.

    It was fun reading your post!
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