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Thread: article marketing

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    I think your blogspot article is fine.

    A problem you will face is that you are competing in a FIERCELY competitive niche. There are not many keywords with more strong competition and more professional and sophisticated competition than web hosting.

    Did I get you right - that you are getting traffic but no sales?

    People shop around...they'll look at a number of sites, including review sites before they buy.

    To make sales in the web hosting niche you may need to target a longer keyword phrase with less competition. I know of one Super Affiliate ( Brian Johnson) who targets the phrase "Hosting coupon" so you may have some luck with a slightly off the wall keyword like "Hostgator coupon"

    Good luck!!

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    Thanks Alex for looking at the blog and yes it is very competitive. I know now that I chose the wrong niche for a newby to get into. I have learned a lot from the mistakes I've made from trying it so that is a good thing. I'm researching and rethinking which directions to go next. thanks again Alex for your advice keyword research is very important.
    Thanks Zoran and Sanja I'm working on my article writing skills your advice is very helpful.
    Thanks again to all of you


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