Hello Everyone,

I am ready to start implementing affiliate Marketing into my business. I have 2 websites selling in the Children's products industry. one is kids chair world, and the other is Brianna's Bedding and Beyond. I also have blogs linked to those sites as well.

I have done some research in the past on affiliate marketing, so I have some knowledge and I already have some affiliate accounts set up through linkshare for my niche.

I also have a killer SEO plan that got my kids chair world to # 5 on google in about 3 months, and I am ranking somewhere in the top 5 position for many of my top keyword phrases, so I am definately getting the traffic to my sites which is pretty targeted.

What is the first thing that I should start doing to start with affiliate marketing to go along with my business already.

If anyone has any suggestions on where I should start that would be great!!

I need a direction....

Thanks in advance!