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    So, I noticed today that in the address bar above that there is a little logo before the address. So, I looked at my site and noticed that the theme logo for the wordpress theme I uploaded to my site is still there. It doesn't really fit the topic of my site.

    How do I change it?

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    It's called a favicon. the type of file you need is a .ico Some WP themes support these and make it easy to change them in the dashboard. Otherwise, I haven't a clue how to change it. But you can google the word favicon, or go to the wp forum and get lots of information.

    It's on my to do list as well. Towards the bottom.

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    It is a simple 16 x 16 pixel image. Gimp (free image processing programme) can create them as can probably most other image programmes.

    Then name the file favicon.ico and just upload to the root folder.
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    You can create a .ico file with MS Paint. There is no .ico in the drop down menu when saving, but if you give the file name a .ico after it, Paint creates an .ico file.


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