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Thread: SEO/Keyword phrases, etc.

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    Default SEO/Keyword phrases, etc.

    Have ya'll read Lynn's most recent blog post titled SEO Content: Choosing Keywords and Phrases?

    It is amazing and you will learn so much!

    Still trying to wrap my mind around analyzing backlinks though

    Also would like to know what organic search results mean.

    Let's discuss!

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    Oh my goodness, I think I have just received an "AHA" moment. You're right Angie this is truly a great post!

    Thanks Lynn for clearing up some misguided information for me. I think I am beginning to "get" where I have made some mistakes in the past and hopefully will not continue to do so any longer.

    Now I have to come up with another question I want to ask Lynn in the other post about "What do you want to know about Lynn". Hmm... I have to think on that one a little longer


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    Organic results are the non-sponsored links, and web pages that appear in the search results based on relevancy to the search query. They stand apart from paid results and also shopping & book results.

    For example, if you search "biblical history" you see 10 organic results, 3 paid results in the right column, and at the bottom - after the 10 organic results - you see Timeline Results and Book Results for the query:

    It may appear differently depending on your location.
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