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Thread: What do YOU want to know about LYNN?

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    Default What do YOU want to know about LYNN?

    Hi Everyone

    I am very excited.

    I am most fortunate, that Lynn has kindly agreed to let me interview her on a secret new project I am working on (well they know about it in the Elite forum ). But once she said yes I though "Oh no, I am starting at the top What do I ask her?"

    I figured that you guys would have heaps of questions for her.

    So I wanted to know; what do you want to know about Lynn Terry?

    I look forward to hearing your questions and suggestions about what to ask her.

    PS: No marriage proposals I'm sure the answer would be no!!!


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    My wife wouldn't let me anyway. Besides, I'm not worthy of Obi-Lynn

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    LOL Very funny.

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    Does Lynn work 7 days a week? What does she do for fun and relaxation? Does she always have a computer with her? When is she accepting marriage proposals?

    Chris Norman

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    While personal details/proposals are always crowd pleasers, I think some meaty IM tips would be in order, too.

    You might ask Lynn to outline her process of starting up an ecommerce-style affiliate website, in whatever amount of detail she'd care to give. Many of us have heard her speak of this before, but we always learn something new when she discusses it.

    Also, Lynn often talks about the the importance of writing free/cheap reports in marketing. Since she mostly deals in physical products, I've been curious as to how reports figure into marketing products like, say, "Elvis bobbleheads".

    Wade Watson

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    lol Stephen Obi-Lynn!! - Lynn has a new name!

    Leigh - I think for me I am always fascinated to hear how Lynn has kept balance, being a single parent, and working online.

    I love it when she talks about FOCUS - and "putting blinders on" - it always helps me. So maybe you can ask her for tips or a checklist of how to get that focused! Can it be learned? Also - is there a way to tell WHAT you should focus on? Does she have any techniques or ways to drill down to 1, 2 or 3 most important things, especially for new Affiliate Marketers.

    If I think of other questions, I'll post them here.
    I'm sure it will go great!
    We are alive and we need foods that are alive! Sunrider

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    Wow this is great stuff, certainly a much broader perspective than I was expecting. Keep it coming as I would think Lynn will also be inspired for blog and article topics out of these suggestions.

    Chris ... dude, I wouldn't hold my breath but I will take a waiting list if you like ... wonder how we make an affiliate product out of that??? LOL

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    I would ask Lynn about the following question: You have talked about easy ways to make money on the Internet such as writing a $7.00 report. What would be your inspiration and process to write a $7.00 report and where would you promote it for a micro niche?

    Hope that helps,

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    Would you really take a list and select a proper suitor for me, Leigh?
    I may have to hire you lol

    You are all making me laugh here - and I love the questions that are coming up. This should make for a very fun interview!

    Keep them coming
    Lynn Terry
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    Maybe a raffle Lynn? We could sell tickets on Wahmcart ... LOL


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