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Thread: PDF Files. How Can They Be Created?

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    Default PDF Files. How Can They Be Created?

    I want to create my own PDF files and want to add links to my sites
    on the Internet. I purchased PDF Creator 6 but it does not create
    hot links. I'm trying to reach their support.

    Lynn, have you are anyone used software or online sources that
    create PDF files with links?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestioms.

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    I believe Open Office is what many recommend and I think it might do what you want. It's free too!

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    I use Open Office to create my PDFs and have never had any problems with the links. It works great and is very easy to convert to PDF.

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    I also use Open Office. You can download it free here:

    It will retain your links when you export the document to PDF format.
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    Wow, thanks for the quick replys.

    I have Open Office and will rush to give it try now.
    Thanks again to ALL

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    All of the responses here are great. However, I see an aspect that hasn't been addressed. I'd like to go a bit more basic.

    You create the hot links in the original document, Word or Open Office or whatever program you are using. You then save the document as a pdf, that will be an option when you click on 'save as'.

    I use Word 2007. The options under 'save as' are to save the open document I'm working on as a Word Document, Word Template, Word 97-2003, OpenDocument Text, PDF or XPS. When you select 'pdf or xps' the window that opens has a button that says 'publish' instead of 'save'. That's what you want to click on (publish button) to change the document into a pdf. The hot links that are part of the document you created will remain as hot links.

    If you don't know how to create hot links in your original document, let us know and we can get back to you on that, too. Every single one of us started where you are. From my personal experience, it's hard to know what questions to ask to get where you want to go.


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    I think that must be new feature in 2007, to save as a PDF? I like that with CutePDF you can print PDF from any application (you get this with Adobe Acrobat but ot costs a lot more!)

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    I have Word 2007 and for some reason the save as PDF comes out wonky most of the time, so I still use Open Office to create PDFs. I think the majority of Word users are still on 2003, at least that's what I find when working with clients.

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    @Retta - gotta love computers. I agree that most people are still using Word 2003. That's another nice feature of 2007 - a doc can be saved as 97-2003 format so it can be shared with others.

    When I read the original post, I was concerned that links weren't being put in to the original document; that perhaps s/he thought the urls are made into links when the doc is converted to a pdf. I can easily see how that conclusion would be drawn if one didn't already know the process. It's something I would have thought a few years ago.

    Before I figured out Word 2007 would convert docs to pdf, I used
    This online service allows one doc per every 15 minutes to be converted for free. There is an upgraded service available if one needs it.



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