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Thread: What good are article submitters?

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    I don't know how this thread went from article marketing, to... LOL
    Lynn Terry
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    I take blame for it. As David pointed out, I'm a bad girl. Sorry, Mom. (only kidding. I'm old enough to be YOUR mother. Just barely.)

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    FYI: As of Feb 2011 Mark is no longer recommending Automatic Article Submitter. He now recommends Article Marketing Robot.

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    Ditto to the manual method. I have my VA do them.


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    ...dumb question - whats a va?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rhelling View Post
    ...dumb question - whats a va?
    VA= Virtual Assistant

    Not a dumb question

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    Man...I need a VA! lol

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    Cliff Michaels Guest


    I agree with Lynn... you would find that the time involved is pretty close whichever method you choose... be in manually, or with a submitter. Especially when you know what you want to say, and have practice saying it.

    Quite a while back, I tried, and bought, many many many article submitters. After days of configuring them, signing up to all the article sites, and dealing with the frustration of some getting submitted and others not, I tossed them all.

    I know, they will fill captchas, do automatic this, and automatic that... but I've yet to see one that does a 'great' job... And, some even include article spinning options... and they can submit to 1000's of article directories... on and on. Let me tell you something, there's nothing like your article on "the care and feeding of horses" posted on an article directory, dedicated to computer hard drives... because the submitter couldn't find the proper place to put your article. Now there's a great backlink for Google to see, and your SEO.

    Now, aside from that... here's what I found when I finally dumped them, and decided to 'do it myself'. I found a great feeling of satisfaction. That feeling removed me from two mentalities prevalent with many Internet marketers, and wannabees.

    1. Let's find the 'shortcut'... the 'fast' way of getting it done. The 'lazy' way of doing it... I just push a button and voila!, all done.

    2. And the satisfaction of learning to become a better writer instead of a better spinner.... you learn how to write better for general purposes and you learn how to write better for promotion.

    It's just better for the long-haul of your online business to do it yourself, by being yourself. I won't even outsource for an article. When I communicate with people, I want them to know it's real.... folks are becoming so wise, intellectually and intuitively whether what they're reading is from a real person, or an outsourced source, or a spun, or public domain offering...

    There's nothing like taking a little pride in accomplishing an honestly written article with an intent to offer an answer and help to some other human being with a problem of serious concern to them.


    Ok.. I know when I'm rambling

    All the Best



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