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    Default Looking for membership software

    There are so many subscription and membership software programs that I am honestly spinning in a circle and getting no where.

    I own Once a Week Cooking. It is a 12 month subscription and a new meal plan gets sent out each week in those 12 months. I could bundle it and put it out once a month if needed, but I like the weekly contact.

    Right now I'm using the wrong service so I haven't been promoting it because I have to unsubscribe people from the autoresponder when they unsubscribe. I want to set it up and have it fully automated of course.

    I talked to clickbank and they said they wouldn't recommend using them for this. But I'm just at a loss as to which one's to contact or should I just start emailing the companies and see what they say?

    If I didn't want it to always start at week 1 then I'd have an easier time finding software.

    Hopefully I explained what I'm looking for well enough that some of you may have some suggestions. TIA!

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    For that particular model, I recommend Membernaire. I have a review on it here for the details: Membernaire Review. See the comments too for other comments on it.
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    Thank you, watching football of course so I have time to check it out in detail


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