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Thread: FileZilla or Who?

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    Quote Originally Posted by teckyhead View Post

    Yes .. I've been 'out of circulation' for a while but I'm back with a vengeance . I followed a link here from Google and then saw that it was Lynn's. I don't know her but I've seen and heard quite a lot and it was all good. I'll be upgrading to elite membership soon... just want to settle in first.

    Glad to have you here! Looking forward to you joining the elite group. You won't be disappointed.

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    Smile FileZilla (reply)

    Hey everyone, look what a mess I've started with this post! lol Didn't know my question with FZ was going to bring down the rain but at least it seems to be a cleansing one for many of us!

    I haven't had time to get on the forum much the last few days so thought I'd catch up today and look what I've found. Wonderful posts with all kinds of good info on this problem. (If you haven't checked out those links provided above, be sure to do so) It's a real eye-opener about FZ and their apparent lack of concern for what appears to be a real problem with a simple fix. I really hate to switch from FZ because it's is so user-friendly for newbies. But I'm leaving in search of safe waters so I can get on with my IM endeavors.

    Think I'll try the CoreFTP Lite (thanks for the recommendation Gary), since its similar to FZ in look and use. I'd better make the switch quick while my site is still clean. It's staying clean longer than usual probably because my new password is ranked 100% in strength. (I can just see those attackers banging their heads against that password now and a huge knot rising up like on the old-time cartoons! Serves 'em right. lol

    Thanks everyone for your excellent help with this problem.

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    I too have switched to coreftp. I have been promoting filezilla for years.
    I am not really concerned about the exploit as much as I was really put off by the attitude at the support forum.

    coreftp is very similar to filezilla and has even more capabilities it seems.


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    Smile FileZilla reply

    Thanks for your post Robert. That's good to know you've made the switch to CoreFTP and seem to be happy with the service.

    I'm in the process of reading the Q&As. Have some concern because the particular computer I need the FTP on is a Windows XP/ServicePk2 - 2gH machine. Trying to figure out if it can handle Core. Seems if it did ok with FileZilla, the Core would be ok too. Still reading ...



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