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Thread: WP Admin Quicklinks Plugin - you will love it!

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    Default WP Admin Quicklinks Plugin - you will love it!

    My friend, John P, who wrote my blog themes ( harps on how wonderful this admin bar plug in is that he has always used and how you'll just love it if you use it. I always hesitated, though, because - it was a bar that ran across the page right through the middle of the header. After being so sick of going back and forth between my site and my admin section, I was going to give in. Then I thought, hey - what if there's a 'better' one?

    And I found it!!!!! Oh yeah! It is transparent, sits in the top right corner, no matter where you are - even if you're scrolled down to the bottom of the page! And it lets you get right back to your admin section EASY PEASY!

    Check it out here:

    I am so loving this plugin - I can't even stand it!!!

    Wanted to share it with all, because, I'd mentioned it in one of the webinars and I wanted to make sure you knew which one I was talking about.

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    What is the plug in for?


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    Holy cow! Hi Sonatanna! I'm so sorry I missed this response - the board is a little wacky sometimes with the 'unread messages'. And I get way behind, too. Combine those two things and I'm a lost cause in here. LOL

    Ok, the plug in - it allows you, when you are on your blog - say, here===> - to go back to the admin section ===> very, very easily!

    It allows you to go to any one of the following places with one click of a button:

    * Edit this Post/Page (only shows if you’re on a single post or a page)
    * Add new Post
    * Dashboard
    * Posts
    * Pages
    * Plugins
    * Log out

    It keeps a small, translucent box in the upper right corner of your screen at all times (as long as you are logged into your blog, that is)

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    I'm thinking we really need a dedicated WP Plugin category.

    I see these super cool, worthwhile plugins, but when I come back to set it up, the thread's been swept downstream.

    Yeah, yeah, I "WP plugin"...


    P.S. I think other threads should be stickied for more to see: Daily Dos, My Sources, a couple others I can't recall, etc.

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    A WP Plugin category sounds good, Dan - or even a WP category maybe...


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