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    Every successful site I come across seems to have a newsletter. I could sure use some advice on how to go about starting a List and how to store and maintain it and how to get a form set up on my page to get people visiting my site to sign up for it. I'm thinking small here to start, maybe doing something weekly or twice a month.
    I've checked into Aweber and others, but I really need a lot more info before I get started and have a goal and plan in place.
    Thanks fellow SSWT members - the best place to learn and meet great people!


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    Hi Phil,

    Aweber actually does all of that, including giving you the code for the opt-in form you place on your site. They manage and store your lists for: newsletters, autoresponders, blog broadcasts etc - and your one account works for all of the sites you own.

    You can set up a trial account here and test it out:

    What other information do you need? Let us know and we'll be happy to answer!
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    Hey Phil,

    The way most lists are built in my experience is giving people something of value in return for their name and e-mail. Commonly e-books, guides, white papers, tips, etc.

    If it is just a newsletter, show the real value for a person to subscribe.

    One site I am working on, I send people straight to a short landing page, they can either join the list or leave, it creates curiosity and promises great value for giving me their contact info.

    I heard Lynn talking about AWebber a while back and that is who I went with, and I really like them.

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    Hi Phil,

    I'll echo Lynn and Christian's ideas.

    I also use Aweber because it does take care of all the "little stuff" for me/you--maintaining the list, providing the code for the form, etc.

    And, I give a special report specific to my niche to those who sign up.

    Your idea to send an ezine weekly or monthly is right on. Mine is sent weekly.

    Then you write articles and include your Web site address in your resource box and Tweet about your report (or whatever you offer) to get people to your site to sign up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tek95969 View Post
    I could sure use some advice on how to go about starting a List and how to store and maintain it and how to get a form set up on my page to get people visiting my site to sign up for it.
    Phil, Aweber is a fine company - no question about it. They might even be the best at what they do. But do your homework, and compare services. Try Constant Contact, Vertical Response or FeedBlitz. Take them for a test drive, then make your decision. You may find that you have a comfort level with a service other than Aweber. Comfort level with a service is important.

    If after trying other services, you decide to go with Aweber - at least you'll have done your due diligence.

    David Jackson
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    I use Aweber here. I like the support and training materials they provide. My biggest reason for using them was that most of my mentors use Aweber and it is easier to get help from those folks that use the same thing.


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    I love Aweber and I hear they have the best delivery of all email services from all my Mentors. it is also used by all the big marketers I know unless they use Infusionsoft.

    For high end businesses Infusionsoft is a CRM with affilaite program and special tracking and a bit more powerful. Not sure they have the same email delivery, yet it is great for big business costing $200+ a month.
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    Please – please don’t start building your list with a “free” email service. You need to have control of your list. It takes time, money and effort to build a great – Responsive – list. Why would you take any chances with it?

    I’ve only used one email list service. Ever. Some of my lists are over 4 years old and I’ve not ever come across a serious problem with the service provided by Aweber.

    Actually – every problem that occurred on Aweber.was my fault. Read the instructions and follow them… they are easy but I can skim and make mistakes – which cost me time to fix.

    Aweber provides some of the best tutorials and customer service in the internet marketing industry.

    Even if you plan to have a shopping cart someday… and they provide an email service… I would still recommend Aweber. eMail is all they do. Period. You can’t get more focused than that…

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    Yep AWeber

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    Default Thanks to all my friends!

    Guess you all know where I'll be going to now
    Aweber is the first one that came to mind after seeing it literally everywhere!
    Thanks though for confirming it.


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