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Has anyone mentioned PicApp? http://www.picapp.com/
It provides the code for pasting an image into your WP blog and they have images of well-known people and events as well as regular photos. But ...
On second thought ... what if you've added their code and then in a few years the site comes down?? Use with caution.
Hmmm... it looks really good. The website disclaimer says this though, that you may not:

10.9. Use the Visual Content, or any part of the Visual Content, in any commercial, promotional, advertising or merchandising manner, or make any other use of the Visual Content containing recognizable individuals, entities, private properties, products, trademarks, or brands in any manner that suggests their endorsement of any product or service. Without derogating from the foregoing, if the context of such use of the Visual Content may lead a person to think or believe that a person depicted in the Visual Content could be endorsing, sponsoring or otherwise approving any product or service, you will include a prominent disclaimer that such person does not so endorse, sponsor or approve such product or service.

Would "commercial, promotional", etc. include monetized blogs? Or does this mean... that we may not make any money from using their images as part of say... a product label?