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Thread: What do you use for pictures?

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    It is very hard to beat for low-cost photos that are royalty free. Check it out when you can.

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    Has anyone experienced problems with the FreebieImages plugin?

    I attempted to insert one of their images into a post today, and it kept showing as multiples of the same image. All my post text disappeared as well.

    I like their image selection and ease of use, but it's not worth this hassle. Hopefully it's temporary.


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    Is it just me, or is istockphoto going up in price? I was looking at an image I'd bought a year or two ago for a few bucks, and now they want $25! Perhaps each artist sets their own price?

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    Hi guys,

    I just read this thread. Just want to tell you, be careful about Zemanta.

    If you read their terms of service, you will find that by using it, whatever blog posts you create, they will have some rights to it.

    At least that's what I understand from it.


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    I noticed the increase in prices at too. Crazy.

    I use

    They are much like istock, and the prices are reasonable. Like istock before the increase.

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    Default Pictures

    Here's a couple more sites to get pictures from that I ran across.I love this list because it really provides a lot of helpful links.

    Gail J Richardson

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    I have found anything better than Creative Commons on Flickr. I personally use my iPhone for photo's and upload them then and there assuming I have a decent internet connection

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    Why is it I keep forgetting about AllPosters? It is such a logical choice and here I am every time I am searching for an image to use (can't do Amazon as Im in CA) I just completely get a brain freeze about AllPosters. Thanks @lisamariemary for the reminder. I think a PostIt note on my screen (right in the darn middle perhaps?) could be in order also.

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    Can't remember if I posted about this but I have frequently been using 123RF for images for my blog. Follow them on Facebook too and you'll see they offer up freebies for limited amounts of time. I am so happy with them! Just used their code for 10% extra credits today. Only 2 more days for that offer with code "10million".


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