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Thread: What do you use for pictures?

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    A site that I really like is gratisography

    I also did a list of 10 sites that offer free images on my blog recently. It's just a list of the sites I use.

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    I use and so far it's been working well!

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    I was recently given this site to try Free hi res images

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    Have been looking at some of the resources here. When blogging, I try and take my own photos. Other than that, I've used a couple of programs on my computer to make some of my graphics. Thanks for the resources here.

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    I use Pixabay.... they offer zillions of wonderful pictures...and they are all free.. my favorite word. When I am trying to think of something to write about I type in my keyword and am offered lots of pictures to choose from.

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    There are three options I use:

    1. Flickr Creative Commons. You often have to great creative with your searches but some good stuff there. To catch attention I often search for keyword + 'Funny'
    Note: Flickr also works great for link building. When I create my own blog images I often share them here in return for getting a back link to my websites. I have got some big sites linking to me because of this.
    2. when I have budget and I cannot find a suitable image via other channels.
    3. Make my own using free icons. A single background colour with a vector image over it can look great. Google for free icons.

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    Here's a new FREE stock photo site:

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    We just use a paid account at Shutterstock. They have the best collection of stock images and illustrations, period.

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    Smile Is free cheap enough?

    Quote Originally Posted by StephenT View Post
    I like using pictures on my blogs, but I don't want to pay each time I want a unique photo, which would be almost daily!

    I have looked at Flickr on their common section, but the pics are limited. I know we have a new member that does this, but I can't remember the site.

    What do you use? Remember, I'm cheap!!!!
    Have you looked here?

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    I use Amazon and make them my own with a free photo enhancer. I also take my own if I can find the pictures.


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