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    Okay, I totally admit that this is a "lazy" post.

    On my website, I promote conferences and events directed at my niche market. I had the brilliant idea that if they wanted to travel to a conference outside of their area that I could help them with that (you know booking air, car, and hotel) through a travel merchant that I was affiliate for. And because I'm a commission junction affiliate, I applied with Expedia. I was turned down flat (my site is not travel related.)

    My question is does anyone know of a travel merchant like expedia that will allow you to become an affiliate even if your site isn't travel specific?

    As always you guys rock!!

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    Good question! I have no affiliate travel experience so I can't help but I'll be interested to hear about it.

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    Hi - try - they are on but also have an independent programme.

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    When I was accepted by LinkShare, they automatically enrolled me in their own affialite program AS WELL AS the program at CheapOair. So that would be an easy one for you, I'm sure.

    BTW, we travel as much as we can. It was the main reason that, earlier this year, I decided to try to not go back towork for another business again. Not enough vacation time. (My husband is already retired and we have no kids to put through college.) Sometimes we even go off someplace just because there's a cheap airfare!

    So, the site I rave about is It's really very useful for domestic flights (less useful for international). It's also the only online serach engine that accesses discount airlines like SouthWest. No affiiliate program, but you'd be doing your readers a big favor (IMO) by introducing them to the site.


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