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Thread: I can't believe how much SSWT has grown

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    Default I can't believe how much SSWT has grown

    I was just cruising through the main forum to see where I can offer some help, and realised two things; first how fast the threads are moving which suggests just how much activity is happening here. And the other things was the quality of the information being offered. It is very high and amazes me that it is completely free.

    Then I went back into the Elite forum to see what was happening and again the quality is high BUT there was just that extra "thing", you know going the extra mile for someone, the secret little details offered.

    I guess what my ramblings are about is if like me you really can't believe how truly exceptional the help is here at SSWT, for those needing more detailed help or really constructive advise about their site or project then look in the Elite forum, you will be more amazed.


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    I'm smiling, Leigh, great way to end my day. I love the way you used the acknowledgment of all that's happening here as a way to also promote the Elite Forum. I LOVE the Elite group and all the extra help I have gotten there.

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    This is such an awesome community. And you're right, elite group is great for more detailed help, it's exciting to see everyone's business grow in there. Thanks for posting!

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    Both sides of the forum are doing really well. Especially considering that I archived the original forum and just opened this one in July - a few short months ago.

    This is actually our 7th year with a forum on SSWT. The original forum had over 10k members and almost 100k posts and was HUGE - and insanely out of hand (laugh). I'm loving this new platform, and the simplicity of it - not to mention all the great new features!
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