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Thread: Inspired or disappointed

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    Quote Originally Posted by PpcJen View Post
    The other thing is TIME INVESTED - I haven't done anything else in the past 9 months. Seriously. I have had no life. I don't watch TV, participate in my favorite hobbies, or hang out with friends. I spend all of my time with my children, or working on my business. I bring my laptop into the kitchen while I am cooking meals. Yikes. It's not healthy. That's why I am taking steps to reduce my working hours to a more reasonable level. That's my biggest challenge right now - Life Balance.
    That's exactly how it was for me when I started out full-time (9 years ago) - just eat, sleep and work! Don't worry though you do get your life back and once the initial hard work is put in a lot of the income is 'passive'. When you get to the stage when you can take a few days (or a week) off knowing that you will still be bringing in income during that time then it makes all the hard work worthwhile. The hard part is firstly making sure that you do get that life balance back asap and then not tipping too far the other way and doing too little! (Or perhaps that's only a problem for lazy..err sorry I mean easily distracted people like myself)

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    Thanks so much for all the advice and insight from each one of you. I do appreciate it very much.

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    If a person can become inspired and passionate about this, then surely it's possible for everybody to find something that drives them. CLICK HERE

    It's also entirely possible - and quite helpful in my opinion - to maintain focus, energy and positive feelings by understanding that some things are a means to an end. For example, I know some moonlighting entrepreneurs who don't like their 9-5 job. But when they're able to reframe their "job" as a vehicle that enables them to pursue a passion - then going to work becomes much easier.

    Too many people think every action, every feeling should be passion-filled and energizing. Some things are simply necessary for us to move forward - and we hate them. But they're a means to an end. Forward progress is often painful.

    One BIG LIE is that if we don't maintain passion, then we'll give up and fail to muscle through adversity. Tell that to the single mom struggling to feed her kids. It's not about passion - it's about NEED. "Means to an end" can be as successful a driver as any passion.

    I say all that because I sometimes find people are discouraged because they THINK they should have greater passion. Quite frankly, passion can be very overrated when the reality of succeeding is at stake. The fact is, you've just got to do what you must in order to create the life you want. And the process or journey isn't always fun.

    All the best,

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    Love that, Randy - thank you for sharing it!! Sent it to my brother, too, who I know is going to love it! He loves unique stuff like that, and is SO against HFCS - he works for Jason's Deli corporate.

    But the video reinforces for me, that my niche IS a good one! thank you!


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