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Thread: Market Samurai free content

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    Rick Olsen Guest


    Steve - I don't think you understand what I'm saying. Copy and paste is irrelevant. Suppose I go to your blog and read this:

    Acheive your goals: shiny objects (achieve is misspelled btw)
    I am going to be doing several posts on how to achieve your goals. For me, setting goals is easy, but following through with them is not. I am very bad at shiny object distractions. What is that?

    I rewrite your post as follows:

    Meet Your Goals: Needless Toys
    My next few posts will be about meeting your goals. I have no problem making goals, but meeting them is difficult. Why? Too many needless toys. What are needless toys?

    I have just plagiarized your post. I have copied nothing verbatim, but I'm still a thief. I've stolen your ideas. This is what is meant by stealing ideas and that's ALL I was saying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrishL View Post
    I think it is fine to give your creativity a kick start by seeing what else is out there (it is also a great way to stay relevant) - as long as you shape what you find into something different and unique that reflects your own hard-won personal perspective.
    Well said! I concur

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    If you want to buy Market Samurai, I have a banner on my site. hint hint.

    I have talked with Jay Abraham on the phone and he told me about the Amazon way of finding out what people do not like about books and what they do like and how to use it to design a better product. Very cool idea.

    Rick has a point about not not rewriting other peoples stuff. That is why I do not like article writers, it is faster to write my own stuff.
    For my Twitter site, I need to do research on lists so I can be an expert. So I will be using research material to gain the knowledge so I can write the article.
    I do know a lot of non SSWT Guru's that use article writers and also teach to just rewrite other's articles as a way to get content. That's why I hang out here with the wholesome high ethics crowd.

    Stephen, Thank you so much for the tip, I will go see what Market Samurai has to say about Twitter Lists and a few of my next topics. I know it will write an ad for you adn that is cool. I love it.
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    If you use Market Samurai's Find Content module to find news items then that's not taking other people's ideas. You're just passing the news around.

    And I don't think researching something to write about in your own words is illegal in any country - surely that would be too weird? It's what we all do for school and university, and what professional researchers (eg for TV programs) do all the time.


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    No, you don't need to have purchased MS to benefit from this series though of course it wouldn't hurt and there is a free trail of MS.
    No banner on my site, I'm not an affiliate, I have however purchased it (got during a discount period)and find it increasing valuable. According to Traci Knoppe becoming a MS affiliate isn't available to everyone right now anyway, you have to receive an invite( she hasn't so far)


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