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Thread: Help w/ this SEO - Please!!

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    A few points that I hope will help

    (1) put each photo on it's own post with some good copy - benefits not features, use the "all in one seo" plugin to help you
    (2) I think you are spot on using craigslist - try other free sites too
    (3) go for forums too, I think you have more chance doing this with web 20 than SEO
    (4) open a twitter account with the right username and tweet the images
    (5) put the photos in all the image sharing sites with careful text and labels and TAGS
    (6) word of mouth helps too!

    good luck


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    Quote Originally Posted by Lynn Terry View Post
    Which keyword phrase would you most like the main page to rank well for?
    I'd like to shoot for Florida Waterfront home, Gulf Coast Home, and/or Waterfront Luxury Home.

    I've added a slideshow on the main page and removed the exclamation points.

    I'll keep going with choosing keywords and appropriately placing them.


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    Alex and Ready-2-Market

    All great ideas! If only this day job would give me more time to do some of this!! I'm keeping on it though....

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    Hi Joe,

    If by slide show on the Home page you're talking about what appears to be a moving header, I have the following comments:

    When I saw it the other day, I thought it was attractive and enticing. When I read slide show today, I went to the "See Our Home" page, expecting to see a slide show there.

    Then went back to home page... Clicked on it for enlargements and got to the Rocky You site and was confused and stuck waiting for your slide show.

    In my opinion, I think you need a slide show on the View Our Home page where the visitor can see each of the rooms larger than you thumbnails. Too much time involved to click on each one and go back.

    There a lot of simple slide shows you can create with Windows and other programs and upload to YouTube, or other, to do this. Many people in this group can help you with that if you need help.

    Also, I'm curious. Among the suggestions the other day were more on the "About Us" page and some statement on why they are moving from their dream home... a concern prospective buyers may have.

    Hope this helps.

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    How goes the optimization & rankings Joe?

    A good resource: (free guide)
    Lynn Terry
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    Hi Joe,

    Couple of things I noticed right off the bat:

    Your SEO content structure is not aligned. You need to have the same keyphrase(s) in your:

    Title Tag
    Description Tag

    You seem to be mixing and matching individual words from the phrases you listed previously:

    Florida Waterfront home
    Gulf Coast Home
    Waterfront Luxury Home

    You'll want to use those primarily as-is. It's OK to include each word individually, but you'll have higher relevance if you use the phrase as it appeared in your keyword research (kwr) results.

    Also, there's not a lot of copy on the home page. Tell me what I'm seeing in some of those pics. You can start with location, location, location Specifically where is it?

    "Perfectly positioned in a quiet inlet just off the Keys, this stunning Florida waterfront home is seated on a rare corner lot. As the sun greets you for each new day on the gulf coast, home is the only place you'll want to be." Go on to describe the experience of living there. Get me excited about the house and what I'll do after I move in.

    Good luck!


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