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    Ok - here is my take on this (from a professional writer's standpoint)...

    I have been approached on many occasions by marketers who want to know if I will "spin" articles for them. In other words - will I take one (usually mediocre) article and rewrite it six ways to Sunday.

    My answer?


    Regurgitated crap is still crap. Sorry for being blunt - but that is what it is.

    HOWEVER - if YOU write a great original piece and post it on your blog or site - EVEN IF it is derived from IDEAS you got from PLR or ghostwriters - you are still adding value by 1.) infusing it with your perspective/experience and 2.) by later sharing a revamped (and usually better) version of it.

    What good is it doing the world if it sits in your archives and never sees the light of day? Maybe you or your site have grown a lot since you originally wrote something - and very few people saw it the first time around. seems to be welcoming this content "as is" - today, anyway.

    My two cents??? Why not freshen it up and revamp it a bit? Do a new keyword search on it (especially if its 6 months or older) and vary your angle slightly?

    Same body of research. Similar (but usually better) content.

    A win for the directories. A win for you.

    But most importantly... a win for your readers.
    Trish Nichols
    Feed Your Blog

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    Quote Originally Posted by StephenT View Post
    In reading I wonder how they know if it is re-written plr. I mean, if I re-write it so that it is my own content how would they know?
    I've submitted rewritten PLR to them on numerous occasions and never had any problems. But I only use articles that start out pretty good, and I completely rewrite them myself. I really only use the PLR article itself as a template of sorts - a way to avoid having to come up with the idea in the first place.

    If the initial PLR article is really bad, I don't bother to even try to rewrite it. I find it's just as fast to start from scratch in those cases.



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