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Thread: Tracking Code

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    Hi Sona,

    >> Thanks a ton. Thats what i was looking for.


    >> Now i would like to know can i make this part of my anchor
    >> text also?Of course i will not be permitted for content submitted to ezine

    In theory, of course, you COULD use them also as anchor texts to make them visible to click on. But I am not sure that it would serve any purpose. And some article sites may object to having links directly to a clickbank site, whether in anchor texts or not. So as for anchor texts with clickbank links, I would not recomend it.

    Also, in terms of the clickbank links themselves, I would strongly suggest that you think about the future. Clickbank vendors may come and go, and their products may come and go too. The problem is that if you get a good article up on, for example,, then it may stay there for years. But then one day the vendor stops marketing his product. And if you have a direct link from your article to the vendor's landing page, then your article stops being effective.

    So I would STRONGLY suggest that you set up a mini-site (if not a complete site) which REDIRECTS the link from your article's resource box to the clickbank page. Something like this:

    A. In your article on cat training tips you can have a resource box with a link to YOUR (mini-) website called The exact link is poiniting to the page (or .php).

    B. in the code on the clickbank_cattrainingtipsproduct.html (or .php) page you write a few simple lines of REDIRECT code, which takes the user to the page for the clickbank hoplink.

    The beauty of this solution is that your article never cedes to be productive, because you can always change the exact clickbank hoplink on the redirect page on your minisite, redirecting it to another, similar product that is still possible to buy for the visitor.

    Hoping this helps...have a great day!

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    Hi Bo

    Thanks a lot



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