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Thread: Videos Do You Like 'em

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    Not much choice for "in between" in the poll. I would have chosen "It Depends"...LOL.

    I "watch/listen" to blog posts. I actually don't watch much. I listen in while I work.

    I like to see a video or two of the "person" so I can have a visual of how they interact but after that I would rather just listen.

    Unless it's a tutorial - Then I'm glued!

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    Thanks Debra!

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    Rick Olsen Guest


    In my opinion, the length of a blog post has no bearing on it's value or ease of reading. I'd much rather read a long blog post that tells me what I want to know, than 10 short posts which say the same thing using slightly different semantics.

    Blogs like this are boring and of no value. Read one post and you've read them all. Why come back? Concise is good. Precise is better.

    Also, in my opinion, an intro video has no value. If I still need to read the post to get the info I want, why waste my time with an intro video? Why waste yours making it? Just write it, so the flow isn't interrupted.

    Here's an example from ClickNewz:

    Lynn could have split this into eight 2 paragraph blog posts. She could have made an intro video for each one. Instead, she wrote one, precise, info packed post. She didn't waste my time, because she had something to say, not something to show. She gained my respect and assured I'd be back for more. Lynn's a master writer. Follow her example and you can't go wrong.

    Lynn - Hope you don't mind.

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    I guess it depends on the intro and what the video's about. Generally, I prefer reading blog entries, but if the videos are concise and direct to the point and keep me interested, I watch the entire thing.

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