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Thread: Any Photography Questions you'd like answered?

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    Default Any Photography Questions you'd like answered?

    I'd just like to let you know about an interview that Sheila Finklestein
    ( PicturetoPonder) is conducting with myself on Wednesday evening, 11/04, live at 8pm EST. We'll be discussing ways in which you can easily improve your pictures and make your photos more than just snapshots.

    We'd love you to listen in and join in with any photography questions you might have.

    Register for the fr*e*e call here: http://www.pointandshootphotocourses...camerashy.html

    And don't worry if you can't make it, register anyway to receive a recording of the call. You can go ahead and post any questions you might have here and we'll try to get to them on the call.



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    I'm registered! I'm actually looking forward to the recording, Wednesdays are crazy for me, so I probably won't make it to the live call on time. I have an awesome camera ... but I definitely need some pointers on how to use it better!

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    Thanks Loretta! I hope you'll find it useful



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