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Thread: Community Connected Commerce

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    What you are trying to do has not only merit but has served many with more than an income. Been doing similar programs for 20 years (each with new twist) and pre-computers. (sign of age?)

    I am going to dig into my brain a bit and share.

    Simplicity is key for the organization. (with multiple people and businesses involved)
    I had best success by focusing on the greatest need. (organizations doing fundraising)
    -- Boy Scouts are having their 100 Year Anniversary next year.
    -- Churches
    -- Libraries
    -- PTA / PTO
    -- Booster Clubs
    -- Parks and Rec Departments.

    Thus when the program was introduced to these organizations, they would provide the legs, emails, phone calls, etc. (they provided the guerrilla squad to make the invitations and get into the community to "sell")

    A person / company such as yours provided the tools, marketing, cards, etc.
    Me? I provided the stuff, the services the wares.
    The program can work whether it be 1 company on the card or 40. It does change the price point of course.

    By creating a platform where people in need are given a tool / opportunity for helping themselves with a part time, temporary gig..... it is a great thing.

    Non profit / fundraiser list for each town.
    Introduce the program. (which includes? card? Calendar? Booklet? One page on web? more?)
    Provide cards / etc. to organization up front with no money down (need agreement though)
    Offer assistance to contact local businesses with them for commitments to support.
    Businesses pay up front
    The organization shares in the proceeds
    Monetization for you comes from both.
    Offer prizes, motivators, etc. for the "top sellers"
    The organization is the "customer". Their success is imperative. Greasing the wheel for them the key.

    I remember one year sending out 50 envelopes per week with a proposed plan. Had to pull back because too many wanted to do it. Had too many people "selling cards". So learned to limit the "discount cards" to geography and / or calendar months.

    Notes I remember
    Get a commitment that does not go beyond 45 to 60 days. (the organizaions lose steam quickly)
    Be involved weekly with enthusiasm and cheer-leading.
    Be sure to understand the heirarchy or the organization. (too many have 5 people doing the work of the 200 members... sad)

    These are a few notes from the past 20 years and certainly just a tidbit. Of course as technology has improved, so has the ability to be online with emails, etc.

    Once the Purpose / Cause is in place, emotion and passion pile into it, people are moved and there has much good from programs you want to delve into. (and profits)

    I encourage you to keep going though it does take an organizer to connect everyone together to a common center and execute. (Once you have a few successes and testimonials, the 2nd year goes great)

    Just a thought.

    I have just posted the new marketing calendars for offline businesses (or online I suppose). They are meant to be printed large and posted on wall as tool. This is a back door link around the opt in. 2010 Marketing Calendar Planning Spreadsheets

    I use Sales Genie or America Clearing House. Read more at Restaurant Marketing Idea.

    This may or may not fit in your planning. Just sharing what has worked for my businesses in the past.

    8 Days until Christmas.
    In the meantime Guerrilla Marketing via the Santa Dance.

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    Thanks for the links and the advice.

    I've been going at it from the business angle, but...I do have notes about advancing through the non-profit groups - I just haven't done anything with it yet. Haven't really had the time to pursue it, but it was on the schedule for early next year. I kind of think Chambers of Commerce are the most appropriate non-profit to start with though.

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    Superb! Chamber is a must. Excellent.
    Found it so much easier to "get the sale" and participation from businesses with much less work when the purpose was defined up front. (and the groups did a big part of the work)

    You have so many notes, no surprise that you are on top of the options.
    (I do love the small towns so much though. Connection, Collaboration and Communication is so much easier as friends connect and help friends.)

    Need a hand. Feel free to call on me. You're on the right track and ready to roll.


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