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Thread: Keeping Up With Twitter

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    I'm with DeirdreJ . . . I'm very selective about who I follow. I don't particularly want any tweets streaming that are of little interest or totally outside my interest or core of beliefs. Every couple of days, I go through my "new followers" list and select those I want to follow based on their bio and their tweeting history. I want to follow people who offer something of value, whether it's humor, business, personal or health-related.

    Some of these people out in Twitterville are clogging the Twitter stream with worthless tweets. So many of the ones popping up now as followers are using automated software to build their list of followers -- a lot of those people have shady businesses set up or are in the adult-entertainment business.

    As for the DMs I get, I read them but find 90% of them appear to be "canned" messages set up to automatically deliver that message to every follower they receive. If I come across one that addresses something particularly specific to me, or mentions one of my tweets, I will send them a tweet addressing their DM.

    I enjoy Twitter but sometimes it's a pain trying to weed through all the crap and crap(sters)! :-)

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    You can now create lists on Twitter. Which should make it even easier to only keep up with those that you want to.

    You can unfollow anybody at any time for any reason or even no reason. Twitter doesn't care no way or another. There is even a Spam reporting feature on Twitter (check it out before you need it as they have modified the procedure several times). You can also block twitters(or as they are sometimes called tweeps or even peeps)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iris View Post
    As for the DMs I get, I read them but find 90% of them appear to be "canned" messages set up to automatically deliver that message to every follower they receive.
    At one point I got so annoyed by the auto-DMs that I wrote
    this (quite a few people enjoyed it )

    All success

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    I suggest Socialoomph free version to turn off auto DMs.
    I suggest to not auto follow.
    I suggest to decide who to follow.
    I sort by influence and add column for @ replies and RT's to determine who is in a conversation and who is just tweeting.
    It shows 20 people at a time and if you tweet the URL it shows 40 at a time.
    It only sorts the 40 shown, yet you can then follow or unfollow up to 40 at a time.

    I suggest to not block people unless they are porn. If you do not follow them back you will not see the tweet stream.

    I also usually review new followers tweet stream an then use tweepi to catch up every week or two.

    I use Wefollow and twitter grader to find interesting people to follow in my industry or leaders in my area (Silicon Valley).

    I use twitter for business since none of my old time High School buddies use it or facebook or email. I have made new friends on Twitter that I would not have if I did not follow a good number of people. Like @JeanetteJoy, we met on Twitter and became good friends IRL on the marketers cruise.

    I actually only follow about 10% of my new followers so I loose most of them and am on a steady course to keep adding followers slowly. I also unfollow about one person a day that tweets teeth whitening or trump network.

    In October I had over 1,000 clicks on my Twitter links and it is actually the number one source of my affiliate income right now. I follow a rule of about 10% affiliate tweets and 60% conversation and 30% just random tweets.
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    Twitter recently introduced a function called "lists" that lets you limit conversations to only those people you follow who you want on the list.

    Additionally, you can make the list private (only you can see who is on the list and what they're saying) or public, where everyone can see what's going on there. You control the membership to the list in either case, though.

    I haven't fully explored it, but it looks like an intelligent move in twitterdom.

    - Bal

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    Wow, all of you rock. I decided to review this thread and again, the tips are strong, quality stuff. I've got quite a few quality relationships on Twitter. And after a few more(a combo of those who followed me and from boards), I'll stop adding more for now.

    I did add a bot or two though: not for the connections but for the information. A bit spammy yeah but oh well.

    angelina_wang on Twitter.
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