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Thread: WordPress Direct or -- Which do you prefer?

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    Default hands down, they are the best and you can add all kinds of helpful plugins.

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    I can see using WordPress Direct if you have a lot of sites.

    Because they have one main dashboard for all your sites, you can add posts, update kw, add plugins, delete things, view blog traffic and statistics, etc. all from one place.

    But if you only have one or two blogs, with only a few posts, I don't see the point.

    I have been wondering why they recommend it in the 30DC. I thought most people who do the 30DC are brand new and only have one site. But I don't want to get into that here. It just seems odd to me.

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    Good point, Jen . . . most people who participate in the 30-Day Challenge are newbies who only have one site. So why promote WordPress Direct during the challenge? It should be reserved for a more advanced "30-Day Challenge for IM'ers with 3 or more blogs or websites".

    Ed Dale's 30-Day Challenge was very motivational and educational. However, several tools promoted during the challenge delivered a lot more than the average participant needed. It's like giving someone a jackhammer to crack a black walnut when a good old-fashioned hammer would do the job nicely and efficiently!

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    (because there's profit involved)

    I'm glad you made the switch. I have concerns about WPD.
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