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Thread: Got offer for paid guest post.

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    Default Got offer for paid guest post.


    Today I got a mail from a site owner.
    He wanted to publish 3 article with 2-3 backlinks in each on my own site(In the signature) & was willing to pay$3/article.

    Now what I want to know is that shall I accept this kind of offer?

    What are the negatives of allowing such a post with links to other sites?

    My sites Stats are:

    Alexa Rank : 166,652
    PR : 2
    Updated Daily


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    I get these requests all the time, as I'm sure Lynn and many others do.

    If you're interested in his offer..

    1. Review his site and make sure it's something you'd be willing to link to and recommend to your readers for free. If it's junk. Pass.

    2. Insist that the content be unique & run it through copyscape before putting it on your blog.

    3. Tell him that you will not agree until you review both the content and the site that it links to.

    If it's someone reputable and he's just a hard-working guy who wants to ensure he's getting placed on relevant sites, then go for it. If not, pass. But, I wouldn't spend more than about 2 minutes making that decision as most are not that great.

    Hope that helps!

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    I completely agree with all that Nicole said. And I'd like to add that $3 for an article plus 2-3 backlinks sounds way too low.

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    What Nicole and Lisa said and about the price... if they are decent affiliate programs and two-tiered, suggest that you sign up under his affiliate link and then put your own link in the article.

    And don't forget to take the new FTC rules about disclosures into account (just sayin'.....I'm not sure if they apply or not, but it's always on my mind now. )

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    Ok thanks, I have said No to his offer...

    You people are really great..!!

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    I'd be curious why you said no - was it the content, the links or the price?

    I love guest posts on my blog, and guest posting on other people's blogs. But it's usually not a paid gig - just done for the content, or for the links. It benefits both parties.

    Nicole has a great guide on that, by the way - I just blogged about it today:
    Lynn Terry
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    Hey Lynn,

    I said him no because of the links & prices both.
    I will for surely check out Nicole's Guide.

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    I have people that contact me on my fly fishing and my garden blogs asking if I will publish posts and they offer me money, which is great, and I take it if the posts are worthy.

    But the truth be known I love getting free content that's unique and would publish them for free.

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