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Thread: Marketing Advice Required: London Taxi Company

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    just outside Toronto, Canada


    Well Alex, what are you doing right now to promote your website, both online and off?

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    Hi Alex.

    This might be a bit revolutionary, and not something you wish to do, but have you considered setting up something on your site where people could say they are willing to share a cab with others?

    So - for example - I say yes, I want to go to Stansted from W4 at such and such a time on such and such a date, yes, I'd like to share a cab with others, and yes, my times are flexible by 1-2 hours or whatever, yes, I would prefer to only travel with a couple or female passengers, and then register to some list where I will take the cab if I get some some sharers....

    Then when someone else registers with similar times and locations, you could tweet to those people that a match has been found and faciliate the sharing...

    If I was going with my boyfriend to the airport I would not pay 50 quid for it, but if we were sharing with another couple and it was in the vicinity of 30 quid per couple, it would work out as a similar price as the train and far more convenient, so I would do it.

    You would get people who are normally train commuters as customers, the cab-sharing could arguably be seen as being "green" compared to two different cabs going, and you get people signed up to your twitter account which you could perhaps use for further marketing. The service itself would be different enough to warrant a press release and a story in the Metro!

    I have no idea if the number of passengers you have would make such matches possible or if it ever occurs that people are going in the same direction at the same times enough, and the whole thing would take some work to set up....but it is a service I would love to have access to if you ever did it!


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    Hi Alex

    Are you on Google local search?

    You could also try ppc (adwords,msn, yahoo) - exact match on very specific long tail keywords to keep costs down.

    Maybe contact some London hotel websites and see if they will link to you?

    An affiliate program on one of the UK networks perhaps?

    I like the share a cab website idea too.


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