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Thread: Can anyone help with affiliate marketing ?

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    Roy, welcome to the forum. Most members of this forum do some kind of affiliate marketing, so you are in the right place.

    Lynn's blog is a great starting point:

    I'd suggest you start by making a list of what you are passionate about.

    Then, do some keyword research, buy a domain name and create a website/blog.

    I've oversimplified it, but that's basically what you need to start with. And definitely attend the Tuesday webinars, and join us in the private forum. feel free to ask any follow up questions.

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    Welcome Roy! Glad to have you here. Happy to hear you're thinking about joining Lynn's elite group because it's awesome and I personally have learned so much from it.

    As for, it's an affiliate network with a ton of various programs available. I would personally recommend that you not go with the opportunity you speak of with the website, banners, etc. but rather do it on your own like Adriana recommended (keyword research, buy domain and build a site). You want to have full control over your business!

    Looking forward to seeing you on the elite side!

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    Hi Roy... and Welcome.

    I agree with Adriana and Chancy. Your own website/blog is an easy tool to get started with and makes marketing products through affiliate links very straight forward.

    I would suggest as the first step in learning. It's just about required reading for anyone who is learning to affiliate marketing.

    Good Luck and keep us posted on your journey.

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    Welcome Roy

    I do affiliate marketing full time, and I second the recommendation for Rosalind's guide above. It's where I got my start. I have a very detailed overview of it here: Super Affiliate Handbook Review.

    Let us know if you have any questions!
    Lynn Terry
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    Welcome Roy. Lynn is the "go to" super woman for affiliate information. By you hanging out in this forum you are hanging out with a lot of winners.

    I do affiliate marketing for a very specific market. When I offer products and services as an affiliate it is usually from another expert who also targets the same market and likely has name recognition within my market. I am also an affiliate for various types of software programs that I use and highly recommend to my clients.

    There are various ways to sell as an affiliate.

    One thing I love about Lynn's way of doing business is how sustainable you can become. Another go to person is Nichole Dean. She rocks and is someone I have an incredible amount of respect for.

    Stick with it Roy, treat it like a business, forget the get rich quick and have integrity in what you do and there's no telling how far you can go.

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    Hi Roy and Welcome

    I am still a part time affiliate marketer, but have done my fair share.

    Congrats on joining the best forum around for internet marketing. IMO



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