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    There are tons of free themes out there (SmashingMag is a good source)

    For affiliate marketing purposes I quite like the BytesforAll free WP themes:


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    While I've tested and used many, I've yet to find the perfect free WP theme for affiliate marketing. I always seem to end up spending a great deal of time modifying layout and CSS characteristics.

    I think the most businesslike themes are those that look less like blogs. Cruise around to websites that impress you as credible and note the visual traits of the page that support that. Look for a theme with similar traits.

    Try to find the most up-to-date themes, optimized for the latest WP features (v2.8+ is current), like nested comments, for instance.

    A free theme called WP Store is designed around the WordPress E-Commerce Plugin, which people say can be used for affiliate products, but I haven't looked into it that deeply just yet.

    I find an increasing trend among free themes to harbor hidden code, usually in the footer area. These codes may or may not be malicious, you wouldn't want use one of these themes. And you often can't just delete without messing up the layout. See my previous thread on this for more info on this for more info.


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