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Thread: Goal/Task Question

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    I agree Eric - it really gets me fired up every time I read it!

    Angela, you'll love the TAGR audio on my site. Very smooth. I have it and love it. It's Earl Nightingale, and I think I have a preview you can hear right there on the page. I have the PDF version too, printed out in a binder with sticky notes all in it!
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    Welcome Howard

    I have a blog that is just for fun, that I don't monetize - so that's okay! Whatever your objective is, that's what you should focus on.
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    Default goals & goal setting...

    Great topic. I joined this forum months ago, and am just now starting to browse and follow the threads.

    I have been following the subject of Internet Marketing and specifically niche/affiliate marketing for a year or so now...but have mainly dabbled here and there. I have not had the burning passion, clear goals up to this point.

    That is starting to change!!!

    I think they WHY question Lynn posed is critical. Be honest with yourself. Are you simply interested in becoming filthy rich??? What are your motivations. You ought to be able to clearly envision and even articulate what it looks like for you when you succeed.

    Besides that there are two things that kept coming to mind as I read the question and the responses....

    1) the importance of end visioning. Start at the end goal and work backwards. Ask what will I need to accomplish to make $10 G's a month? See the end, and work back....create a map...and from the map, build a plan...treat it like a trip.

    2) Knowing the best way to eat the elephant. We all have heard that you take it one bite at a time...(not sure I'd even WANT to eat elephant, but you get the drift). As a part of end visioning, set some critical milestones that you need to reach. ie: Before you get to 10,000...set a goal of 5,000; and a goal of 1,000; and a goal of 500; even a goal of 50 if you haven't made anything online yet.

    I have gone about it this way - I have a flow chart filled with sticky notes that include even the most mundane items including register domain, install wordpress blog, create content, etc... Some of those I break down further. With the create content portion, I set a short-term goal of writing two pieces of blog content per night starting out for later distribution. In a couple of months as I gain experience, I am bumping it up to three blog posts per night....

    just some humble thoughts to help in the journey.


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    Hey Jeremy you sound like you are fizzing with enthusiasm!!

    2 pieces of blog content each night is admirable!

    All The Best



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