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Thread: Goal/Task Question

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    Default Love your GOAL

    Hi my name is Tess. I am a newbie to all this cyber space.....
    I want the same goal as Eric!! that sounds wonderful!!
    I am feeling lost and confused right at the moment!! I need to follow Lynn's quote: "does this take me closer to my goal, or distract me from it?"
    I am oh so distracted, I feel like I am treading water and standing still!!
    I spend hours on my site to make it perfect, read something else and change it. I haven't advertised it or anything because I am also "anal retentive" and don't want anyone to see it until it's perfect! uuuggghhh!!
    I just purchased Lynn's Easy 7-Step Fast Cash Strategy hoping it will help me. I need some kind of plan!
    Lynn, I love your site!! I can spend hours here! this is my first on or in the forums, I have decided I need some guidance!
    Thanks for the Think and Grow Rich, I will be reading that tonight along with the 7-step....anyone recommend anything else?
    thank you for all you do!

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    Welcome to the SSWT forum, Tess! I am confident that you will find your way around here and it won't be long until you are no longer lost and confused. We are here to help so let us know what we can do for you.

    Tell us what you feel most lost about and we'll go from there.

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    Welcome Tess

    Quote Originally Posted by tschmigiel View Post
    ....anyone recommend anything else?
    I recommend you start there so you don't get overwhelmed, and then come back to the forum and ask any questions that come up along the way
    Lynn Terry
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    Eric - to get back to your original question.

    You have a great site already and you wish to earn more.

    2 obvious thoughts for me.

    (1) you have a site that is working and you now focus on tweaking and tracking (very anal - you'll be great, :-) ) and getting the max out of it.

    The help of a Super affiliate ( Lynn) in the Elite Forum would help with this consideration. Lynn sells lots of real world goods -not just info products that many focus on.

    The accountability threads that are posted every week in the Elite forum would allow us to track what you are doing and help you get stuff done.

    (2) once you have ramped the income from this site up to a max you then brainstorm your next site.

    Very few people get a full time income from one site!

    All for now, it's late here!



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    David... thank you. And it's really great to see you here

    The tough love is something that is hard for me, but I think I've done a fairly good job of it over the years (so far at least). Difficult because I'm a single mother and there are no fathers involved (mine included) so I naturally want to play the role of nurturer (mother) but also have to fill the shoes of disciplinarian and 'head of household'. Not by choice, which is where it's been a challenge for me.

    At any rate, I really appreciate your story and it makes me feel better about making those tough decisions. I do realize that my dream is not necessarily their dream. Most of all I just want to provide options and opportunities, and look forward to seeing what they choose for themselves...
    Lynn Terry
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    Sounds like you have excellent goals already established:i.e. wife, kids,family,college. Money is not always the measurement of success in life and you seem to know that. I don't have any fabulous suggestions but wanted to commend you on your goals and keeping it real!
    Congrats on what you're making now. May not sound like much but it's 100 times more than what I have done so far, so whatever you're doing must be working.
    I agree with everyone on Rosalind Gardner's book. Don't have it yet but it's at the top of my list.

    Good luck!

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    I am a huge fan of Rosalind's model, as most of you already know. I have a detailed overview of SAH here for anyone that's on the fence about it. Awesome guide, and updated frequently. I first read it almost 6 years ago, am still using the model & also reading the current updates.
    Lynn Terry
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    Angela Wills Guest


    Wow this is a fantastic post!

    After all these years I still haven't read Think and Grow Rich. Next payment I get into my paypal I'm going to order the audio version from your site Lynn. I love listening to audio much better than reading and I think TAGR would be an excellent first audio book to list to.

    I've been online for a long time and it seems I haven't had that fire under my butt like people keep talking about in this post. Time to really get clear on that why, that vision and make it a burning desire that I will stop at nothing to achieve!

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    I did purchase Rosalind's book and have read through it once already and am "abuzz" with ideas and thoughts based on what I learned already.

    Over the next week or so I'm going to sit down with it again and dissect it down into a list of tasks that are pertinent to my site...well worth the money!

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    Good for you - I'm jealous!


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