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    Well, direct sales/MLM/network marketing didn't work for me, well it did, I made pretty decent money doing home parties BUT it was not something I really really enjoyed so I would say sure it could work if that is your thing. I loved having a down line however I much rather preferred to promote the products so now affiliate marketing works better for me in that aspect and I no longer have to purchase products on a monthly basis nor meet any quotas, etc.

    There are some here on the forum who are in those types of companies that might be able to help but I would look for more specific forums to inquire about MLM since here the focus is more on Internet/Affiliate marketing.

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    The folks that I've seen do best with MLM on the web put up killer squeeze pages and build relationships with the people through phone and email followup (autoresponder). It's tough though, because I'd prefer not using the company's replicator site OR their name, and using your own in case you end up parting ways with them in the future. I've helped a few friends to do this successfully.

    Are you familiar with those strategies?

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    I am quite successful building my mlm online but yes you are right it is a lot of work. In my company my upline leader who is the number one income earner in the company has build her entire downline on the internet. She uses a generic internet MLM site and offers free newsletter and reports as well as blogging, building relationships on forums and social networking. I strive to do the same and yes it works quite well although not over night. You do have to work hard at it and be patient.

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    I am successful with Sunrider International Herbal Natural Nutrition (and Skincare and Safe Cleaning products) --- the company has been in business since 1982 and is in over 40 countries.
    I started the Sunrider nutrition because my friend got impressive results from the nutrition, and then I did too - we both worked together in the hospital. My first love is the nutrition, and then the business grew out of that.

    Here's my story:

    I am going on a Sunrider Mediterranean Cruise in May 2010, which I have earned throught my Sunrider marketing online, and I've earned the Travel Incentive Fund to pay towards it. 400 Sunrider Leaders will be on the Cruise.

    Now -- after saying all that!..... I spent $20,000 and 5 years - from 2003 to 2008 - and 5000 hours, learning Internet Marketing, Social Networking, etc. and utilizing it for my Network Marketing/Direct Sales business.

    I've tried to help my Sunrider Leaders duplicate what I have done, but unsuccessfully so far.
    Like Angie, I prefer not to do the home parties, and since I love computers and the internet, I knew I HAD to make that work for me. I overcame many obstacles along the way.... (I learned Computer Programming in 1969.... and I taught Doctors and Nurses how to use computers in the 1990s) So I do have a predisposition to using computers to be successful... I also am passionate about the Sunrider products - and I think that whatever MLM business you are in, you are going to have to really love the products to make it work.

    Oh, and Nicole Dean (see her post above) - was very instrumental in my learning process - she is a great coach -- Thank you, Thank you, Nicole!!

    So I am not one to give advice on how to do it, I know I am doing it, but it is a lot of work, and the followup - with phone calls and newsletters - is a very important part of the whole process.
    It is really.....High Tech, High Touch....

    Diana Walker, Cravings Coach, Sunrider Group Business Leader
    CEO, Diana's Healthy Lifestyles
    We are alive and we need foods that are alive! Sunrider


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