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Thread: Please Review my Squeeze page - feedback from experienced marketers

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    Default Please Review my Squeeze page - feedback from experienced marketers


    I have a new squeeze page and would like feedback from experienced marketer please (check signature link)

    - Do you find the title appealing?
    - Does it get the message across?
    - Is it too long?
    - Would you subscribe to it or turn your back on it immediately?

    Thanks for your feedback.

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    It looks ok, but some things are not centered correctly, and your English could be a little better. Also, I wouldn't use phrases such as "I highly recommend this training course to you" - as you are obviously recommending the course to anyone who visits your website (you don't need to say this). Also, I would look at other squeeze pages that are highly persuasive and do something similar to what they do.

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    I think a lot of squeeze pages are too long. Yours is however very short in comparison to most.

    Longer pages seem to work better, but my advice would be to split test and find out what does and does not work. Test, Tweak and Test again.

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    Hello Nickitta - 26 free videos is a generous offer. How nice! Along with the other suggestions you've received, I suggest that you remove the yellow highlight from the text where you introduce yourself. Just leave it on the text in the upper left corner. Good luck!

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    I second the suggestion about the yellow highlight - it makes your page look like an old-style (and cheesy) sales page.

    I disagree about needing to make it longer. This is a simple squeeze page with one single goal - to get the sign-up. It's not the same as a sales page where you're asking people to part with money. That often does require a longer page, but I think effective squeeze pages can be quite short.

    I would take a look at what you're offering (the bullet points) and answer the question "Why?" Why should the reader care to know how to put a video on his or her site? To you the answer is probably obvious, but to me it's not. I already know how to put a video on my site (or at the very least a quick Google search will teach me). What can you offer me? A faster process? Less bandwidth waste? In other words, what's in it for me?
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