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    farmnwife Guest

    Unhappy Declined application

    I was declined application by a merchant at commission junction. Do I try again down the road. I was never notified. I found out checking out the advertisers list. The merchant is one I would really like to affiliate with.

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    You can try again down the road. I have found that it's definitely better to have some good content and the blog/site going before applying to some programs. It can't hurt to contact the affiliate manager directly either sometimes.

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    If your site is live with content try emailing the merchant of CJ support. Many merchants seem to auto refuse based on who knows what - possibly your site settigns or current track record with CJ, without looking at your actual site and its fit with their product. A direct email with reasons why you are good for them (rather than the other way around) may get youa accepted.

    Good luck!!

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    Netflix rejected me.

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    Oh yea Netflix is not easy to get, I was declined too.

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    What you will find with CJ is that some merchants will reject you and others will automatically accept you. Don't give up! Just keep applying, although I will agree that it helps to create some unique content on your blog or website before applying with a specific merchant.

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    My application was accepted, but I haven't used them yet. And yesterday, I read on Tiffany Dow's blog that she didn't like them. She writes:

    "I make a bit with eBay and ShareASale but I swear Commission Junction had to have screwed me big time – I had many sites up, which made sales from all other sites but I never made a penny with CJ." (link:

    Anyway, I lost the link to this forum, and I've thought about re-finding it for a while, but didn't really know where to start. Then today, Andrew Hansen mentioned Lynn Terry, and from his link, I refound the forum. Great coincident, and congratulations, Lynn, with the nice words (link:

    - Britt Malka

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    Thank you Britt - and thanks for the link. Welcome back!
    Lynn Terry
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    First, check your profile and settings. Make sure the site in your profile is related to the merchant you are applying for. If the site is not a match for the merchant, this could be the reason. Also see if you checked "yes" to incentives as a means of marketing - uncheck that if so. I have found that to be a reason for denied applications.

    It does seem like they are auto-rejecting a lot lately. I can't get signed back up with Netflix since they switched networks, which is very frustrating. Even after repeated attempts at contacting them via email about it.

    I recommend you message the merchant and let them know your intentions as an affiliate. They will often reconsider after personal contact.
    Lynn Terry
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