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Thread: Banned From Digg - Reported For Spam. How to Resolve?

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    Geez ... How did I miss this? Our own Lynn - a SPAMMER! Who'd have thunk it?

    Ever figure out what actually happened for them to ban you at the time?

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    Lynn, another option is to simply ignore Digg, and get back to work doing what you do so well.

    Sites like Digg are the targets of highly organized groups of people who cooperate to vote up each other's posts. These groups so dominate the listings that it may be fair to call all of Digg just one big spam pile.

    I joined a membership site awhile back to learn more about social networking. At first the site was educational articles, but then quickly developed in to a sophisticated software system that used all kinds of auto digg type methods etc etc.

    Anything that can be abused, will be abused, and soon after rendered worthless. This clever gimmick story has been told over again over the last dozen years. These things come (so that somebody can sell something) and then they go, to be replaced by the next gimmick.

    Imho, ignore Digg, and just keep being Lynn. :-)


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