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Thread: Keeping up with muliple sites - and pen names

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    A client of mine had several sites and had created a simple spreadsheet in excel for this. There were 4 different pages I think, Account, Blog, Social Networking ... and then there was something else, sorry I can't remember... Anyway it went something like this;

    The accounts page had the cpanel info, passwords, login, email set up details, and persona name. The blog page had all the sites with blog info login on them. WP pw, database info etc. The social networking page had all sites like twitter, stumble upon etc with persona name login and passwords etc.

    Hope that gives you some idea of what can be done. Good luck.
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    Well, for starters, I choose pen names that have a "trigger" in them so I can remember.

    For instance, if I were to write about cars, my pen name might be Rebecca Taurus or Lisa Ford.

    And, I use Roboform to keep everything straight.

    As for your domain, you can do domainsbyproxy which makes it so that your contact info is hidden when someone searches the "who is" for who the domain belongs to. I do that on most of my niche sites.


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    Hey Nicole,

    You mentioned 'domainsbyproxy' how do you do that to block your contcat details in the WHOIS directory?

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    When you're purchasing your domains (at GoDaddy or wherever) there are privacy options. Domains by Proxy is who GoDaddy uses.

    Here's info from their tutorial:

    I'm sure other registrars offer similar services.

    Hope it helps!

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    constance Guest


    The issue I have with pen names or in my case no name, is how do you promote the site? In one of my sites - an online journal - I'm in the background as the editor, but not named. So I can't use Aweber because it lists your name at the bottom, you can't write guest blog posts or articles with your name, it makes it more difficult to get backlinks.

    How do people deal with this issue? I just can't see making up an entirely new (and fictitious) personality and guest blogging under that name. I don't feel comfortable with that. Any advice would be appreciated!

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    In Aweber I think you can have different names and addresses for different lists. I have a site I built using a pen name. It has a Twitter account, a Yahoo account, and email (of course). I comment on blogs and forums with that name, answer emails in that name, etc.

    It bothered me a bit at first, but now it's kind of fun. I'm not out to defraud anyone, so I figure there's no harm done. And truthfully, if anyone looked, they would find me behind the curtain. I don't go to great lengths to cover my tracks.
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    Right, like Nicole I use private domain registration. I keep it simple and just have a separate folder/directory in my inbox for each niche and pen name and everything for each site goes in it's own folder. Including login details, affiliate program emails, etc.

    But you're putting the cart before the horse trying to figure out how to manage multiple niche sites and multiple pen names before you even get the first site up and running

    See my latest post about this (and the comments) at:
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    Quote Originally Posted by satreasure View Post
    I am new here. But I have the same question that Constance had in terms of promoting the website through some of the traditional means like article marketing and guest blog posts. In order to get traffic to the website you will need to do some of these things and how do you do that with a pen name?
    I don't think I understand what the question is.

    You can write articles and blog posts and guest blog posts under any name you like.

    Let's say your real name is Juliette Real and your true passion is cars! You want to make a living online, but you don't want everyone in the world (employer, past classmates, your kids' friends, neighbors, nosy in-laws, etc) knowing that you love cars.

    So you can become Lisa Ford (to use Nicole's example) who loves writing about cars. You can start a car blog and be Lisa Ford. You write car related articles by Lisa Ford, guest blog as Lisa Ford, have a Twitter account @LisaFord, a gmail account, etc. You can even sell websites on as Lisa Ford!

    Lisa Ford can drive traffic to a website just as easily as Juliette Real.
    It does get kinda fun once you get into it!


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