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Thread: Annoucement to all!

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    Smile Annoucement to all!

    To all my dear friends here on the SSWT forum I would like to share this with you all -

    As of 12/01/2009 I will officially be RETIRING from my full time day job of 37 years! Not bad considering I'm 54 years young. Full pension, full medical/prescriptions and a 25K IRA. Not exactly a golden parachute but at least I won't crash.

    Now I'm ready to go absolutely crazy with this second career and once the holidays are done I should have my roadmap in place and will be gearing up for 2K10!
    My goal, since I'll already be getting a nice check every month, is to start building a true empire. A legacy I can leave to my kids, grandkids, and wife. I've worked all my life earning millions for a company, now it's time to earn mine!

    (I am a realist though so I'll settle for a few extra bucks a month to play golf with.)
    I really owe a lot to this forum and any suggestions as how I can succeed will be warmly embraced.

    My immediate plans when the money starts rolling in;
    1) join the Elite Members group
    2) Rosalind Gardners book
    3) ????

    (I'm also asking Santa for these 2 goodies!)

    I am thankful for - this great community that Lynn has created.


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    This is exciting news.

    I highly recommend both the Elite Forum and Rosalind Gardiner's Super Affiliate Handbook. If possible, you may want to get your hands on those sooner rather than later. Because then you can read them slowly and let it sink in before you jump into action.

    You;ll be learning to build a solid online business from the "get go" which is awesome. So many of us start out one way and have to make the switch to her methods.

    Again, congratulations to you! What an exciting time!

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    Congrats Phil! How exciting. I know you'll do great because I can already feel the passion you have to make it work. Hope to see you in elite group sooner than later because that one investment will get you off and rolling on a better start than on your own.

    Thanks for sharing!

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    Angela Wills Guest


    Wow how exciting! I just joined the Elite group and I'm so glad I did. I'm sure you'll find amazing value in it once you get there too.

    How awesome to be able to have the time to devote to your online business. Both of my parents are retired but have no interest in internet marketing - I wish they had the drive you do to build that awesome empire!

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    That's so awesome Phil! I have #2 on my Christmas wish list too!

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    Hey Phil,

    Congratulations! My husband and I own our own business, (Locksmiths), but are so ready to retire. That's why I'm doing the IM thing. Number 2 is also on my Christmas wish list.

    Maybe think about going to NAMS 3 in Jan if you can. I went to NAMS2 in August and I really feel that was the turning point of my online biz. You can read about my trip to NAMS2 at if you want.

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    Congratulations, Phil! What a big change in your life, and I can certainly hear the enthusiasm.
    Joining the Elite Membership has definitely been in the Top 3 things I have done in the past year to give my online business incredible momentum. Lynn and everyone are so supportive and knowledgeable.
    Also, I'm excited that I'll be attending NAMS3 in Atlanta in January.
    Looking forward to seeing you in the Elite group!
    We are alive and we need foods that are alive! Sunrider

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    Congratulations Phil,

    You have come to the right place to get all the assistance you need.
    See you on the Tuesday webinar.

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    Yay!! You're an inspiration.


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