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    A couple of months ago I had a mod installed here at the forum which moderates forum posts based on certain criteria. This mod was installed to prevent p*rn spam, which had become an issue and was simply intolerable. The forum mod remedied that issue - no more nasty pics & links!

    Unfortunately, every now and then legitimate members here may find their posts moderated. It may happen for any number of reasons, but it's simply part of the mod - not something that is done by me, or by one of my human moderators.

    If you post a thread or reply, and it goes into moderation - simply wait for it to be approved (we do it manually several times a day). No worries
    Lynn Terry
    Site Admin

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    Thanks David! I do try to catch them as quick as possible. For the next few weeks I'm traveling so it's taking a bit longer to catch it but anyone is free to send me a PM if your posts get stock in moderation. That will go to my main email and I'll know I need to get over here ASAP.

    You're right it's definitely not personal!

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    After 15 years of reading forums, I find myself longing for forums where every post is run by a moderator before publication, and only the best half make the cut.

    This forum is pretty good, but also very small.

    The larger webmaster forums seem to have pretty much all become junk piles, because anybody can post anything. Most of the posts are pointless inarticulate sentence fragments. Once that process of degradation begins, it accelerates in to a race to the bottom.

    The philosophy behind webmaster forums seems to be they should be open to anybody, in the spirit of democracy and inclusion etc.

    This philosophy is well intended, but misguided. If a user can't write interesting and intelligent posts, they probably can't create an interesting and intelligent website either. Thus, we are not doing them a favor by encouraging their web business dreams.

    Everybody in our business is always chanting "quality content!" but webmaster forums show this proclamation is mostly empty talk.

    The dominant mindset of the webmaster world, encouraged by vendors with something to sell, is that finding the right tools and tactics is what publishing success is all about.

    Webmaster forums are like a mirror we can look in to separate truth from reality.

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    As a long time lurker and occasional poster here at SSWT I have to tell you I don't take it personally. I have posted 2 comments that have been held for moderation and I can't feel bad. Here's why:

    SSWT is my favorite forum on the www. This is because of the quality of the content and the friendliness of the people. I say keep that quality in place by moderating new posts by all means. Especially against porn - let's keep it family friendly!

    Small is fine with me! Quality is what counts here at SSWT, as anyone who's been around long enough will tell you. Lynn has done an excellent job and helped me along the way, as well as many others.

    No offense taken by me with the moderation mode.
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    Thank you for understanding Jennie. Of course your posts would have been approved sooner had I not been traveling but we should be good to go now. Glad to see you posting on the forum.

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    Sure Angie! I just checked out your blog, good stuff. As a health and weight conscious person I am delighted to find helpful tips!


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