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    Hi Guys,

    Just wondering if you have a few niche blog websites set up with affiliate products, but these sites aren't really what you are passionate about, they are just there to make you money from the products, do you chat to people on Twitter in these niches or do you only use Twitter to talk to people in a niche that you are passionate about? (Eg your main site.)

    I couldn't imagine twittering people in all these different niches it would be too much to keep up with.

    Also in the niche websites you set up, do you use a sudo name/pen name for these sites and only use your real name on a site that you are passionate about and an expert?


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    Yes on the pen names. And I do have Twitter accounts for most of my niche sites, but I don't tweet quite as actively in most of them as I do my primary account. Having the profile is good as an inbound link, and you can update now and then with niche news.

    Of course, if you get actively involved on Twitter in that niche, you can get some good feedback and really put it to good use, but it's not "necessary". You can easily outsource all of your niche Twitter accounts too...
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    Yes and Yes

    I usually use a name, or the brand for the usernames.
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    I set up Twitter accounts to auto-post blog posts on those niche
    sites, too.

    It brings in a trickle of visitors who search Twitter on the keywords,
    which are in the blog post headline, and therefore get on the tweet

    You can use any number of tools/scripts to handle it - like TweetLater.

    For some niche sites, I integrate that Twitter account into Facebook
    as well, so the tweets show up on my Wall as status updates - reaching
    a different audience.

    If you're on Sokule, where I plan to move most of my 'marketing'
    micro-blogging soon, there's an option to check a box and have your
    'squeek' (it's what they call 'tweets'!) get distributed across a network
    of social sites.

    Just yesterday, I heard of which also does something like

    Hope this helps.

    All success

    P.S.- My Sokule affiliate link is:

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    Yes, I use Twitter very actively and actually have my tweet status post to my personal FB wall and/or my FB fan page(s). So I utilize Twitter & Facebook simultaneously most of the time. I use TweetDeck or Seesmic Desktop to keep up with multiple Twitter accounts and to post to FB.


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