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    Default Controlling Your Inbox

    Today, Lynn gave simple clear powerful advice in the Weekly free seminar, on controlling the torrent of stuff pouring into your Inbox and your life.

    Simply put - set up folders for all your subscriptions and create message rules to shove all the subscriptions into the folders.

    You can keep your Inbox clean and clear of promo junk - and either unsub or create rules to move the email to a folder and you can look through that once a week.

    I've just spent about 30 mins doing that. I'm sure I'll have more to do over the next few days but the structure is there.

    I unsubbed from a few too and this after quite a cull a few weeks ago.

    My Inbox now has emails from Kathy Baker my biz partner and Lynn and a small number of bloggers I keep close tabs on so I can post very soon after they do.

    Thing is I've known about this strategy for maintaining focus and maximising time for about 3 years...

    I guess Lynn managed to land a whack that got me going today.


    How about you? Who is controlling your Inbox?

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    Good move, Alex!

    You'll find it has to be done again every now and then - several times a year probably. I love my rules and filters and folders!
    Lynn Terry
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