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Thread: Sunglasses Website Review

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    Default Sunglasses Website Review

    I've revamped my Build A Niche Store using N1Way - The Niche Site Blueprint (both affiliate links that I've personally purchased). I'd like some feedback on the site. It's not quite 100% completed yet but the idea I always think of is the google guys didn't wait until they had the whole Internet indexed did they?

    The items I plan to add are:
    * A list of model numbers
    * Change the home page to not include products and have something like a Top 5 section with links to the internal pages
    * Include either an affiliate link on the top right or use a search function to use the white space
    * Finish the rest of the articles and the Review landing page

    As you'll notice it's very very similar to the way described in N1WAY.

    Thanks everyone!

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    Very nice! The only things I'd say is that your header image is too dark. Other than that, the site is very clean, and well thought out.


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