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Thread: Technically challenged - need help

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    Default Technically challenged - need help

    I'm trying to get my blog set up, but I'm afraid that I am technically challenged, so it's not going very well.

    I got wordpress installed OK. Then started looking around for a theme and after much deliberation, decided on Thesis. Just purchased that today, but now I can't get it to install on wordpress.

    I'm just getting frustrated with the whole process. Does anyone know how much people charge to install a theme and configure it so it is usable? Of course, since I'm just starting out, I don't have a lot of money to spend. On the other hand, if I don't get some help, I don't think this project will ever become a reality.

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    I think Thesis has tutorials and support forums on their site. They should be able to help you install.

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    What made you choose Thesis over any one of the free themes?

    Just curious.

    I've never worked with it, so I'm not sure how difficult it is to install compared to the free themes (which are super easy). What kind of problem are you having with the installation exactly?
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    I actually just install the Thesis theme for a client and didn't have any problems installing it all. You do have to rename some files though, is that what is giving you problems?

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    Thesis is a lovely theme, with many benefits - but it is a PAIN
    to customize unless you know programming.

    I've worked with blogs since 2003, and am very comfortable
    doing much of my customization - but Thesis came close to
    making me wish to outsource all of it... or even move back to
    other themes!

    The forum does have some Thesis experts who can help, but
    trying to do it with the tutorials can cause your hair to turn
    prematurely white - so take care

    (If you need a sympathetic ear to listen to your Thesis troubles,
    PM me ;-) )

    All success

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    I have a couple clients using Thesis - can't say I like it. But the client does, so that's all that matters. I personally like the free Flexibility 2 theme. Very nice & easy to customize. The Freshy 2 theme is also nice, but don't think that one is free, but worth it.

    Back to Thesis, not all themes come packaged in a zip file that can be uploaded from within your WordPress dashboard using the Add New Themes upload feature... some have to be unzipped and only the necessary files uploaded via FTP.

    As others have suggested, check the Thesis forum or install instructions to see what steps you need to take to get it installed.
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