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Thread: CJ Merchant Deactivated then reactivated

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    Default CJ Merchant Deactivated then reactivated

    I received an email from CJ telling me that one of my merchants was deactivated. The next day, another email telling me they were reactivated. To me, this sounds like they weren't paying their bills to CJ, or whatever funds they are required to have on deposit with CJ weren't funded. That would be me less inclined to use them, and I do have replacement merchants.

    Anyone else have experience with this?

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    It happens all too often. Yes, do make sure you have a plan B. I find that, like you, it normally only lasts 24 hours. If you have a big money making site, it could impact your revenue because you don't make any money while they are deactivated. I've never completely left a merchant because of this type of situation.

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    Yep! I have a couple that do that every single month, and thought many times to find replacements, but never got to it.

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    Thanks, ladies, for the confirmation and advice.


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