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Thread: How do you ping your blog?

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    You know, I've been wondering that myself.

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    Bill, from what I understand, I think we would not want it to ping again and again, in cases where we may find a spelling error on a previous post, and correct it, and re-save it.
    Or add a sentence, or make a change in an Affiliate link. I think if I understand it correctly, that we don't want the same page or post to be re-saved and re-pinged over and over.
    I have not implemented the safeguard against this, but MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer that Chris and TheWealthSquad are talking about, I believe will control over-pinging.

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    Interesting discussion!

    I never give pinging a second thought. I have services listed in WP and I know it pings those services every time I post & publish... but other than that I don't really put any thought into it.

    Pinging was a hot topic back in... 2005? I wonder just how effective it is these days. Anyone know for sure the direct benefits of pinging in our current landscape?
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    I was wondering about adding ping services - which ones do you add? Pingomatic is the default for WP - would adding others be of any value?


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    And thanks to everyone for giving some reasons why I would want to control my pings - I am a "post polisher" for sure (or maybe my typing is just so bad I have to do lots of edits!).

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