Hi Guys,

2 questions:

1) I was tld when leaving blog comments, a good way to get the blog owner to accept your comment if you are trying to use your keywords in the name field, is to add your name at the end of keywords...for example if your keyword is 'Fly Fishing" Instead of just typing 'Fly Fishing' in the name field which looks like an abvious attempt at trying to leave a backlink, you can add your name, so it becomes, 'Fly Fishing Jim'. I just wanted to find out if that affects the keywords one is trying to rank for, so instead of it being 'Fly fishing' will Google see the anchor text as 'Fly Fishing Jim', or doesn't it matter if the name Jim is in there. Will google still see Fly Fishing as the keywords you are trying to rank for?

2) When creating a post title, let's say the keywords for that post is "Fly Fishing" but to make the post sound more interesting you title it "Expert Fly Fishing Tips". Will this affect the fact that you are trying to rank for the Keywords, "Fly Fishing" or doens't it matter, as long as the keywords you want to rank for are somewhere in the post title?