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Thread: Recommendations for video editing software

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    I agree with Adam. Get the free trials for the software and try them out. The biggest thing in getting into producing videos is to keep it simple. The cameras and software are getting better and easier to use each year. Dive in, try it and have fun because it can be a blast. The power, and money, is in the content not in the production value.


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    I have iMovie and Final Cut express. They both have their strong points. iMovie is quick and can turn out pro level movies in a few clicks. If you need to create a mulitrack video with multiple audio tracks, video tracks then you would step up to final cut express. iMovie should be all you need for making videos. If you want to do more advanced things like adding plugins then you will have to stick with final cut is the correct way to go. The cool thing about iMovie is that you can export an iMovie project into Final Cut for final editing. I think it really comes down to personal preference really and your level of skillset. For most people iMovie 09 is all they will ever need to create some excellent web movies, infomercials, dvd (via iDVD). One thing to note you cannot create HD / Blue ray with iDVD. You can export a movie as HD. I have heard great things about Vegas and Premier but don't see a need to explore them right now. I am focused on making more money in my company v.s. experimenting.

    Most of my videos are done in iMovie 09.

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    I like Sony Vegas. I have also used Camtasia and One that came with my video capture card which I can't remember the name of. Studio Director I think. I like Sony Vegas the best, but there is a large learning curve.
    Windows Movie maker that comes free with Windows XP is pretty good for a free application.

    The main thing to note is that any of them I have used with windows requires lots of RAM. I would recomment a minimum of 2GIG and 4gig being preferred.

    As for MAC's being better at Video , I think they may handle memory usage better and be easier to set up (Intsalling Drivers and such) but as far as features and final product I think Windows does an equally good job.

    Another thing I have noticed is that the .mov renders are much larger in size then the same render as a .wmv (windows media) This maybe because I don't use a Mac or Apples software, rather use the Windows program to create the .mov file.


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    I am with Rick. I have been building computers since Intel PII were around in 1997. Then I build a PIII gaming machine just for fun, since I don't play games.
    The computers would always slow down each year and usually a reformat and reinstall the operating system would bring back the speed.
    Adobe Premiere would run slow in the machines back then.

    I just bought a Macbook pro and it just runs and runs. I never turn it off have had 43 windows open at once.
    I ended up getting Final Cut Express 4 for a Christmas present and have used iMovie before and it is easy to use.
    I just bought iWork and pages is really a nice program.
    I have not tried it yet it will produce a video on it's own.
    I will post an update after I try Final Cut Express with a link to a video I made.
    This is a great discussion.
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