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Thread: Don't make my mistake!

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    Default Don't make my mistake!

    Thanks goaskmom- Kayla- for reminding me about this forum. And many thanks to Lynn for welcoming me back

    I've been involved with Internet Marketing for a few years.

    This is what happened to me- in 06-07 I decided that I needed to learn
    everything there was to know about IM. Then, I realized I need to cut
    back on learning and foruming and IMPLEMENT! And, I thought I knew
    most everything

    Now, I'm realizing that I've been out of the loop
    of learning for so long, and that's not a good thing! I've just been
    doing the same old stuff, and I really need to expand.

    Lesson = find the balance of learning AND implementing- never stop either one!

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    And don't make my mistake and go it solo for as long as I did!

    Hello Ellen. Glad you made it.

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    Hey Ellen,

    I guess we're all trying to find that balance between learning new stuff and implementing what's currently working just fine.

    The IM world is moving fast and new approaches to promoting and selling stuff online pops up all the time, but I still believe that 95% of what you do should be actual work on your current project and only 5% should be learning new stuff.

    Reading the 3rd book on backlink building, watching the 10th video on doing keyword research or listening to the 5th seminar on how to set up JV's will only minimally increase your knowledge compared to the 2nd book, the 9th video and the 4th seminar - and the time spent gaining that little bit of extra knowledge is time not spent on improving your current business with what you already know.

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    Ellen, great post! It's important to maintain a healthy balance between learning and implementing! I try to separate my time 50-50 between both.

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    Welcome Ellen! Glad to have you here.

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    With the clients I work with, often I see that the reason for more learning than implementation is that as long as one is learning, one is not being rejected. Truth be told, there is some rejection involved in IM. Especially if one does it as a visible figure.

    We will never be short of critics of sentence structure, price structure, etc. Usually the greatest critics are those who are not doing it, but rather judging it.

    The best thing to do is schedule your time for learning, implementing, marketing, and selling.

    And get big shoulders. :-)

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    Welcome back Ellen So glad to have you back in the group!
    Lynn Terry
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    My biggest mistake was worrying too much about "random things" and reading too much about "random things" as well. I really need to give myself a few tight slaps to wake up!

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    So glad that so many of you relate to this issue!

    And, I'm so glad to be back- wish I had my old post count, I think I had over 300 in the old forum... and that made me feel important, lol! I'll have to build it back up.

    Anyway, you know what is a terrific value? Real books! How much do they cost already? $24.99 max! And free at the library! I just read 2 very good ones:

    No BS Wealth Attraction by Dan Kenedy
    How To Get Rich by Felix Denis

    Ok, these books don't specifically pertain to IM, however they are full of applicable golden nuggest- and I figured out and identified a personal "gremlin" (google it... it's the guy in your head who tells you you'll fail) that had been holding me back by reading these books!


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