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Thread: Dreamweaver or....?

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    Thanks for all of the tips on Dreamweaver guys. I entered the biz after Wordpress and have not had the need for a WYSIWYG editor as I am a big proponent of Wordpress. However, I am now finding that so many things would be so much easier to do if I had DreamWeaver too. I watched a teleseminar yesterday and the speaker wrapped a video with an image and branded his biz within the image (basically a small sales page with video). I know I could hand code it but I am running into those situations more and more and am now thinking that DreamWeaver needs to go on the list.
    Bridgett Raffenberg

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    jhonsadins Guest


    According to me Dreamweaver is the best editor today. I am sing it from last year and I never faced any problem with dreamweaver. Notepad is also a great editor but it is old and dreamweaver has more feature than notepad.

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    I've not used Dreamweaver, and so can offer nothing there...

    More generally speaking, a case can be made that custom designing sites is an inherently unproductive activity for a publisher to invest their time in.

    Yes, I know. Everybody is doing it, so it must be the right way etc.

    Except that it isn't.

    If we trace the history of webmastering from the early 90's to today, there is a clear trend. Building better and better looking sites has gotten steadily easier and easier.

    Just project this trend a little bit farther in to the future. Coming soon, everybody on earth will be able to create a really professional looking site with just a few button clicks.

    And then....

    There will be no ego or business advantage to having a slick looking site, because everybody will have one.


    It will be ever harder for your slick site to get noticed, because all the information known to humanity will already be online, and will be endlessly repeated by over 6 billion people.

    The challenge is not looking good, but having something truly interesting and unique to share.

    Building nice looking sites is where we go to hide from that very demanding challenge.

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    I am also usinng the dreamweaver as I think it is the best software for the designing the web site. As it has all the altest features and the application, also it has many features which helps to design site very attractive.

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    personally, I think DW is way overkill for what most people need.
    not to mention the cost.

    It is really not just a web page creator, it is a webs site creation and maintenance program.

    You can do everything DW does with many of the free wysiwyg type html editors and a free ftp program.


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    nickelodon007 Guest


    Dream weaver is my favorite too.. i think its very eay to use and very effective too. At times i also use front page but i like Dream weaver more.

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    josaphlewis Guest


    There are lots of image editing software available in the market such as Dreamweaver, WYSIWYG, CoffeeCup etc. but my favorite editors are CoffeeCup and Dreamweaver.

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    Quote Originally Posted by josaphlewis View Post
    There are lots of image editing software available in the market such as Dreamweaver, WYSIWYG, CoffeeCup etc. but my favorite editors are CoffeeCup and Dreamweaver.
    none of those are image editing softwares.
    wysiwyg is not a software it is a type of editor.

    dreamweaver, frontpage, golive, komposer, kvu, etc. etc

    are wysiwyg type html editor/web page creation software.

    coffeecup offers many different types of software. one of which is a wysiwyg html editor but none of which is a image editing software( that I can find on their site )


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    I've never been a fan of DW I used FrontPage for awhile, then tried out the new Expressions and didn't really like it much, so if I'm doing HTML these days I just use Notepad. *gasp* I also like the Coffee Cup software, and they offer a WYSIWYG editor that I liked well enough.

    Nicole mentioned student discounts, and that reminded me that DW is an Adobe Suite product and you can get a discount for any kind of student (not just college) when you order through the Adobe site also. I purchased a new copy of Fireworks for a big discount using my 13 year old sons school info and he's learning how to do some graphics for me this summer

  10. Default control panel on hosting sites?

    I have never used DW when we first started our florist I tried front page but never really learned it. I use the control panel on my hosting site. I have been told before that I would be better off learning DW or some other software but I have never really understood why? Other than I don't have upload my site to a hosting company's server.

    any thoughts?


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